The receipt of over 30,000 letters and thousands more e-mails have proven to this Association that our direction is the right one. We are not here to do it just to create controversy, or just to make ourselves look good. We do it as our motto states: “To Protect, Preserve, Perpetuate and Promote the Traditional Cat”. Man is considered as having the higher intelligence. We have taken the stand that we should demonstrate that, at the very least in a cat breeding program.

We do this not be against the extreme cats. Quite the contrary. We are against those who practice breeding programs and adhere to breed standards that promote these extreme traits. Ask any Veterinarian, who cares for cats, and they will tell you horror stories that they have experienced firsthand of the resulting extreme cats’ problems. From the TCA, INC. perspective we are practicing common sense towards an effort of health and well-being of all cats. The result is healthier and longer lived cats.

We invite all cat lovers to join TCA, INC. which has been created to speak and act properly for the cats, and not act against them. TCA, INC. is about doing what is right for the cats. We have the full support of most of the cat owning public. When is the last time an extreme cat was in a TV commercial? Who would buy a product that promoted sick cats?

Breeding is a privilege, and should be treated as such. The breeder has the opportunity to do right or wrong every time. Our path will make sure that the choices that TCA, INC. supports are only the right ones!

TCA, INC. is extremely proud of the breeders involved in our effort.

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