It was a typical boring day doing grocery shopping.  I was looking for emery boards, when my eyes glanced beside them and came to rest on false eye lashes.  This was something I never used, so my thoughts went back to choosing emery boards.  Then mischief hit me.  Why not locate the longest fly wampers […]


Since cameras do scary things such as a sudden click or a bright flash along with the appearance of being one giant eye ball, it is best to allow your cat to become familiar with a camera and decide it isn’t a threat. Allow her to sniff it, and investigate what it is. She will […]

My First Blog

With this being my first blog attempt, I wish to welcome everyone to TCA, INC. which I founded in March of 1987. The full story of the beginnings of TCA, INC. is available at as well as the complete history of the Siamese cat and other breeds as well. Eleven years of research was […]