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I want to go on record as saying that Diana Fineran and I have been friends for 15 years. During that time I have seen her do numerous and really wonderful unselfish acts including starting at her own time and expense and organization and process for paying for neutering and spaying of animals for people who could not do it themselves. I have seen her find homes for cats all across the country and helped countless people and their pets in many ways.
She also started an organization and took tremendous criticism, including death threats fro what she has done. She is not a breeder and has no opportunity to profit from this. Over the years she has spent $1,000’s of dollars of her own money helping and doing and we, the breeders have her to thank for having Traditional and Classic Siamese called something besides ally cats.
That they exist at all is in large part because Diana had the energy and the will to bring those who had stock left together to find out crosses and continue. I will always be grateful to Diana for this, and because she has been my friend for so long, I feel a natural affection and loyalty towards her.

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