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TCA, INC. has recently experienced a sad event in the death of one of our long time and loyal breeders due to a massive heart attack. 

Since the breeder left no will or designated executor, there were no instructions left behind for his pets and possessions.   One month after the breeders passing a woman e mailed me and revealed the sad news.  She let me know that she was playing the part of a sudo-executor and was doing her best to take care of everything.  I was shocked and taken a back, when she told me she had given all of the breeder’s cats to the Humane Society!  At that point I told her that she should have contacted me earlier so I could have done some advertising for the benefit of the cats.  When I told her the value of cat fanciers and their breeding cats, she said absolutely nothing.  It was apparent that she didn’t care!!

The message to all breeders is to make sure you have a will in place.  Otherwise the same fate awaits your own cats, which to me is an abomination.  It doesn’t take much to make the effort.  So PLEASE, PLEASE           make an appointment with your attorney and get it done.  The peace of mind that comes from such a little amount of effort is very gratifying to you to know exactly how they are to be taken care of and by whom. 

This advice is more than advice.  It is a necessity!

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