One of the TCA, INC. breeders has brought up the issue of putting collars on cats or kittens so we thought this would be a good time to make some suggestions.

There are very real dangers with a collar on a cat or kitten. First of all they can choke on the collar.  They can get their front leg between their neck and collar and die.  That has really happened.  Another danger is getting a hind leg claw caught in the collar and again causing  pain or even suffocation to the cat.

Another troubling problem is a collar with a bell on it. This may be cute but the hearing of the cat or kitten is in danger of being damaged by the loud noise so close to the ear.

We are well aware of on line information about this subject, whole heartedly pushing it and/or supporting it.  Such a writer is totally misguided and dead wrong in doing so! The only place to receive information about the care of your cat or kitten is directly from you own Veterinarian.

Really there is NO REASON to put a collar on a cat or kitten. Collars are for dogs.  As for John and I we use a harness made by turning a horse halter upside down.  This makes a wonderful dog harness so your dog isn’t being choked by a collar.

We hope you take this advise to heart.

Blessings to all.