“For the past few days, I have been reading all your writings and blogs.  I can’t help but to be amazed and commend you for all the efforts this association has made throughout the years. I am a Traditional Persian cat owner and fanciers.  I have first owned what you call “peke-faced” or “show type” Persians, which was registered with another organization.  To my disgust, my first furr pet died in less than a year.  From the start I have noticed the difficulty the cat was experiencing . My cat became infected by respiratory illnesses afterwards. After that, I purchased another cat from the same “peke-faced” type.  This time from a breeder in my country and registered with another organization.  It had the same fate as my first Persian.   

My perspective began to change when I adopted a Traditional Persian cat. I started to question why it had different characteristics than my first pets.  I’ve done my research too.  Then I came to know the truth about it. My first Traditional Persian cat is still alive today, well-loved and treated as family. Today is her 7th birthday.  And I also adopted a Traditional Persian kitten for a minimal adoption fee this y ear.  It makes me sad that the big cat organizations have labeled the characteristics of the Traditional Persians as “undesirable” and they are penalized in cat shows due to the traits that are genetically embedded in them from the beginning.  Because of it, the Traditional Persian cats are left without pedigrees as they will not be recognized due to their original traits. The result is that they will be left out and soon be in danger of extinction.  They are called mixed breeds by some due to the lack of knowledge about who they really are.

In the end, I want to thank you for bringing back the Traditional, Original and REAL Persians to life.   I hope that TCA will also be successful in this aim, the same with its success with regard to the Siamese breed.  I am one with you in prayer.

Know that when you are fighting to the right thing, many people will attack you and pull you down.  But I know that we can make it through.  Even though I am just a new member, know that I support you and this organization whole heartedly.” RA.