About Collars on Cats

One of the TCA, INC. breeders has brought up the issue of putting collars on cats or kittens so we thought this would be a good time to make some suggestions. There are very real dangers with a collar on a cat or kitten. First of all they can choke on the collar.  They can […]


“For the past few days, I have been reading all your writings and blogs.  I can’t help but to be amazed and commend you for all the efforts this association has made throughout the years. I am a Traditional Persian cat owner and fanciers.  I have first owned what you call “peke-faced” or “show type” […]

Where Creme Rises to the Top

Comments presented concerning a new book by Hiro Arikawa really caught my interest because they were so true.  The article by Stephanie Sacharek nails down the real truth about “CAT WOMEN” so well, because I have experienced it firsthand. Here is what was presented.  “Whenever I’m reading a hard cover cat-related book in public – […]


More Pet Friendly Hotels… THE STANFORD INN BY THE SEA, Mendocino, California: This eco-resort has welcomed iguanas, parrots, Vietnamese potbellied pigs, even tortoises, and provides house made treats. ($45. Per Pet). PLAY: Catch a Canoe and Bicycles, Too lets pets on its rentals. Stanfordinn.com HOTEL MONACO, Alexandria, VA: Even staffers bring pets to Tuesday doggy […]


By Larry Bleiberg in Better Homes & Gardens/February 2016 issue I found this in Better Homes & Gardens and thought you all could use this at some point… More and more Pet-friendly resorts are coming up with ways to bring your cat or dog with you on vacation by providing kitty room service and canine […]

The Traditional Turkish Angora

About 2 years ago a Traditional Turkish Angora breeder in Europe came to TCA, INC. and asked us for help in protecting the breed from U.S. breeders. Details were given about the events and arguments that had been going on for some time. The basis for their need for help was because the U.S. Turkish […]

About Changing Breed Standards – PART 2

All of the breeders in all of the other cat association’s have never had the capability to grasp this basic rule of breeding. Their short cut is to change Breed Standards over and over again, until the original body type, mental state and health is devoured by their stupidity, an evil approach to breeding, and […]

About Changing Breed Standards – PART 1

Recently I read that “improving” a breed and “changing a Breed Standard” are still being promoted by breeders who have no knowledge what that entails or what it means. Such blatant ignorance has got to stop or no breed will be left to exist as it originally was. The words “improving a breed” and “changing […]

It was in March of 1987 – (Pt 2)

A bit of research revealed to me that the Old Style, Original, Traditional and Classic types of each breed were near extinction due to ignorant persecution by all of the other cat associations world wide. “I will not be a common man. I will stir the smooth sands of monotony.” stated Peter O’Toole star of […]

It was in March of 1987…(Pt 1)

… that I founded TCA, INC., after I sent two letters to CATS Magazine and a few months later to Cat Fancy. Both were published with my name and address, so a series of cat lovers began contacting me asking if I could mail them a copy of the Breeders List I had started so […]


The receipt of over 30,000 letters and thousands more e-mails have proven to this Association that our direction is the right one. We are not here to do it just to create controversy, or just to make ourselves look good. We do it as our motto states: “To Protect, Preserve, Perpetuate and Promote the Traditional […]


In keeping with the TCA, INC. Motto TCA,INC. does exclude all extreme types of breeds that have taken the Traditional breeding stock of their respective breed of cats and allowed people to manipulate their breeding programs, standards, and judging practices to support the deformation of those breed. Our description of these breeders is “unethical”. Those […]