With this being my first blog attempt, I wish to welcome everyone to TCA, INC. which I founded in March of 1987. The full story of the beginnings of TCA, INC. is available at www.book.traditionalcats.com as well as the complete history of the Siamese cat and other breeds as well. Eleven years of research was involved from start to completion of my book. No other source for knowledge about the Siamese cat is as thorough and complete.
I created all of the Breed Names and wrote the corresponding Breed Standards for every breed accepted by TCA, INC. Only two I co-authored. That is over 90 now and counting. Included in my creation of TCA, INC. is the Registry, all forms and information, the Constitution, the web site, show forms and rules and every part and partial of written documentation. It was a large feat, yet enjoyable through the process.
TCA, INC. is an all breed, worldwide, full service cat association with members and customers all around the world. It is easy to become a Member or Register a cat, kitten or litter by clicking on the words ON-LINE CAT REGISTRY accessible from the first page of our web site at www.traditionalcats.com A thorough Registry Manual is there for complete information about the TCA, INC. Registry.
For breeders of all Traditional and Classic breeds this is the place for you. Respectful, honest, dedicated and fast service with easy access to all of our services makes it a pleasure doing business with TCA, INC. Over the years thousands of breeders have come to TCA, INC. leaving behind their negative experiences with all of the other cat associations. Hundreds of compliments have come from well satisfied customers, some of which are presented on our web site. In fact breeders from around the world have joined TCA, INC and found a level of high quality, excellent service un-presidented in the cat industry.
For us this is a pleasant experience serving others and observing TCA, INC. expand and grow to an immense extent. In fact TCA, INC. has grown by a factor of 10 since 2000, which proves how BIG this has become. As each month passes this growth continues.
Come and join the fun!

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