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I’m not sure why these (other) associations enjoy destroying breeds, if they wish to create a new breed, that is fine create the new breed but don’t destroy the parent (original) breed used to make the new breed. A smushed face Persian and a Doll faced Persian are not the same breed. The smushed face […]


“I am looking to have my cats registered with TCA, INC.  My original cats were once tica registered. I didn’t continue to register my cats with tica because they continuously changed the Standard and are now changing it again – CRAZY!  So I went solo because I just wanted to breed my chosen breed of […]

About Collars on Cats

One of the TCA, INC. breeders has brought up the issue of putting collars on cats or kittens so we thought this would be a good time to make some suggestions. There are very real dangers with a collar on a cat or kitten. First of all they can choke on the collar.  They can […]


“For the past few days, I have been reading all your writings and blogs.  I can’t help but to be amazed and commend you for all the efforts this association has made throughout the years. I am a Traditional Persian cat owner and fanciers.  I have first owned what you call “peke-faced” or “show type” […]

Customer Response…

…TO THE DAMAGE DONE BY ALL OF THE OTHER CAT ASSOC. “I have only just become aware of the cat associations pushing the modern variant, tica going as far as reclassifying Classic as Thai in an effort to appropriate the name Siamese and lumping in Colorpoints with them to further discredit/associate the oldest, truest to […]


The Traditional Cat Association, Inc.© 1987 ® TM Official Website TCA, Inc. Blog … PROTECTING AND PRESERVING THE TRADITIONAL, CLASSIC AND OLD STYLE BODY SHAPE AND HEAD SHAPE OF EACH BREED. All of many established cat associations are afraid of TCA, INC. because of the rules we have created to protect and preserve all cat […]

Beware Online Reviews

The Traditional Cat Association, Inc.© 1987 ® TM Welcome to the TCA blog! There has been a study done by Duncan Simester of the MIT Sloan School of Management and Eric Anderson of Northwestern University, which examined 325,000 reviews written about an apparel company. An estimate was made that for nearly 16,000 reviews (about 5 […]

…about a Will

TCA, INC. has recently experienced a sad event in the death of one of our long time and loyal breeders due to a massive heart attack.  Since the breeder left no will or designated executor, there were no instructions left behind for his pets and possessions.   One month after the breeders passing a woman e […]

Where Creme Rises to the Top

Comments presented concerning a new book by Hiro Arikawa really caught my interest because they were so true.  The article by Stephanie Sacharek nails down the real truth about “CAT WOMEN” so well, because I have experienced it firsthand. Here is what was presented.  “Whenever I’m reading a hard cover cat-related book in public – […]

New Website

It has taken a lot of work, and sweat to get this done, but we are happy with the results, and hope you are too. Please feel free to let us know what you like, and what you don’t like. Thanks, John & Diana


It is incumbent upon me to let all TCA, INC members know that The American Cat Association (ACA) is ILLEGALLY using my BREED NAME, TRADITIONAL SIAMESE on her (Irene Gizzy) web site and in her association and registry. This Breed Name is Federally Copyrighted and Federally Trademarked to me only, Diana Fineran, because I created […]

The Gift Of Language

Communication is one of the many miracles of language. We often take for granted the power it has to forge connections and immerse us in lives of shared meaning and understanding. We often fail to appreciate that something so common and familiar as words in a book, messages on line or the sound of a […]