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Beware Online Reviews

The Traditional Cat Association, Inc.© 1987 ® TM Welcome to the TCA blog! There has been a study done by Duncan Simester of the MIT

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…about a Will

TCA, INC. has recently experienced a sad event in the death of one of our long time and loyal breeders due to a massive heart

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Where Creme Rises to the Top

Comments presented concerning a new book by Hiro Arikawa really caught my interest because they were so true.  The article by Stephanie Sacharek nails down

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New Website

It has taken a lot of work, and sweat to get this done, but we are happy with the results, and hope you are too.

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It is incumbent upon me to let all TCA, INC members know that The American Cat Association (ACA) is ILLEGALLY using my BREED NAME, TRADITIONAL

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The Gift Of Language

Communication is one of the many miracles of language. We often take for granted the power it has to forge connections and immerse us in

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