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All of many established cat associations are afraid of TCA, INC. because of the rules we have created to protect and preserve all cat breeds.  None of the other cat associations protect any breed of cat from change, denigration, deterioration and genetic alteration from their original breed genetics.  The result is the establishment of an environment that supports human modifications every cat breed and changing cats into a deformed state, both in body and in their health. This is not based upon wishes but on the demonstrated breeding to extinction that has been allowed to occur.

TCA, INC. is simply pragmatic in our focus to protect and preserve cats and cat breeds.  The clearest example I can give you is their life expectancy. A well-bred, purebred cat should live between 15 and 20 years of age.  Many of the cats that are promoted by the other cat associations don’t live more than 2 to 3 years of age.  Due to ignorant, and corrupt breeding practices the poor cats end up with a compromised immune system, causing them to be unable to survive any longer than 2 to 3 years of age! This has been experienced by many cat owners who are kept in the dark by their breeders and told lies regarding the short life of the cat they had come to love. We find this practice unacceptable.

Our goal is not to take advantage. Nor to damage a breed due to power struggles between breeders or abuse of power by those supposedly at the “top” in all of the other cat associations. Our goal is to educate the public of realities of poor breeding practice and To Protect, Preserve, Perpetuate and Promote the most-healthy way to breed cats. Any other way is self-defeating and totally unethical from our perspective.

As it is in life, people will try to discredit us for what we are accomplishing since our inception in 1987.  Those who attempt to discredit should become more educated in the realities of ethical feline breeding and genetics. Those who fail to educate themselves will have their breeding programs diminished because of their ignorance and unethical ways.  We have seen the results of this happen to breeders whose breeding programs have collapsed.

TCA, INC is positive. We are firmly on a path of protection and preservation of our cats, not their destruction.

Please feel free to visit our website and learn our history and practices. Read our Registry rules in our Registry Manual which can be found by going to  By doing so you will learn how TCA, INC. has been able to protect and preserve, and in some cases bring back the Traditional, Classic and Old Style cats.

I hope I have made our stance clear.

Best Wishes to one and all.

Diana Fineran
TCA, INC. Founder

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