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A vintage black-and-white photo of "champion wankee," a traditional siamese cat, sitting upright and looking directly at the camera.

About the Traditional Cat Association, Inc.

TCA, Inc. founded in 1987 by Diana Fineran, is the only place to find real Traditional and Classic Cats as they were originally bred. Don't settle for less.Our 40 year existence demonstrates the importance of our cause and the value we have provided to all the cat breeds we protect.

The Real Facts

In Francis Simpson's book Cats and All About Them" (1902) a rare picture of Tiam O'Shane IV is provided and refers to him as the best Siamese Male cat in England. We share that sentiment and applaud them for it. "Quality is defined as conformance to requirements." Health is at the core of any breeding program. Why would anyone degrade the health of their animals to achieve a short term fashionable look?

Services Offered

An ornate historical library with dark wooden bookshelves lining both sides, a patterned floor, and a richly decorated vaulted ceiling featuring elaborate frescoes. A TCA globe and benches are

TCA, Inc. Registry

Operating for decades, we now protect over 90 breeds with a fixed Breed Standard for each that will never change. Our simple online registration process feeds a secure database to ensure accuracy and documented accounts of registration information.

A cluttered wooden desk with a closed orange notebook, a black ruler, a white marker, and miscellaneous items. There's a red-orange TCA chair tucked under the desk.


Knowledge is power. Our breed histories, breed FAQs, and reference to documented medical information helps to keep our members informed and up to date on a variety of impactful information that helps all of us.

A fluffy white persian cat with bright blue eyes standing elegantly in front of a decorative backdrop that includes lavender flowers and a white vintage cage.


We like to show off the healthiest cats in the world. Traditional and classic cats that live 15 to 25 years allows them to spend a full life with us so we can enjoy their beauty, purrsonalities, and camaradrie. We all deserve to have that experience. We abhor the 3-5 year life spans of less fortunate cats bred to extreme standards.

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Your membership fees support this website, our newsletters, and our ability to demonstrate and share valuable information about cats and this cause. We have seen the results of our impact, and we have raised awareness of what damage bad breeding practices can create. Before you buy a cat to join your family, take the time to learn the difference. It will be worth it in the long run for you and your cat.

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