Over the years I’ve heard a lot about other cat associations. Here is some of it…

“CFA has been an evil world thus far & most CFA breeders are psycho! I think they should be ashamed of how they care for their breeding stock & do business. TCA breeders I have spoken with have treated me more respectfully thus far. Plus, where I got my TCA, INC. stud, I have nothing but good things to say about. The CFA breeder that worked with me was filthy. One kitten I bought from her and paid top dollar for died in 3 weeks upon bringing her home. Her kitties have respiratory infections in her home, eye infections and the adults were anti-social and aggressive. It was an awful experience!” JD.

“I use a written contract stipulating my wishes that none of my cats or their offspring would be registered or shown with tica because of the uncertainly of how they would be categorized as a breed and the fears of the politics and wishes of certain people, whom I do not know, to eventually change the Breed Standard and ultimately the breed type itself. I am here to preserve the original of my chosen breed in all of its glory for the people of Thailand and those that love these animals everywhere. I may not be able to control the whole word, when it came to protecting them, but we could do our part in our own little way to do the right thing and that is what I intend to do. TCA has been there for my chosen breed. The trouble is to be smart enough to weed out the ones that have their own agendas – the wrong ones.” LM.

“One person had some experience in showing her Sphynx cats with tica a few times and came away disappointed, as she felt there were politics involved – that if you were friends with the judges, it made a difference as well as being to the shows of tica and cfa and noticing the differences made to other breeds as far as size and type and liked the idea of TCA’s photo shows because of equality and exposure to disease as well as saving money on travel and stressing the cats.” LM.

“That person is something else entirely and seems to be only interested in lies, slander and hate mongering. In the past we have found too many people who have NO IDEA about cats, how to care for them, how to manage them or how to maintain them in a happy, healthy environment. Yet they brag on and on about how “good” they are. Many on the web, who rant on and on are really not interested in cats. Fighting is their game. Just stay away from them and let them tear each other down. Observe while staying far away from them.” DF.

“The split between the “Siamese” and the “Colorpoint Shorthair” happened in England as well as the U.S. “Paper hanging” (falsifying pedigrees) as well as “rewriting” colors on imports to remove the dreaded red and stripes on the pedigrees was done. Then one of the solid pointed colors was provided instead, which made many imported cats into “Siamese” instead of the “Colorpoint Shorthairs” they really were! Pedigree after pedigree was falsified!” MS.

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