Whenever I’m asked about this topic, I always answer with complete honesty and at times with bluntness.

When I founded TCA, INC., I took a long and honest look at all of the other cat associations, how they were founded and how they are run. The results of that research astonished me. The cat world is in parts a completely ugly, dishonest, dark, corrupt and evil world. All of the information I found and details of who did what and when are in my book. I seriously advise anyone thinking of getting involved with any of the other cat associations to get informed before taking a leap into a vat of poison (how I describe the other cat associations). You can find it all at

Most of the other cat associations were started with hideous infighting that resulted in one faction robbing the other of money, records, etc. Registries were fractured and stolen. Then comes the real deal: Each and every one of their Registries are permeated with false information; phony and fraudulent Registration Applications they don’t question and just register the cat. Yes! For instance a common tabby, street cat gets registered as a “purebred” Siamese. We have seen their certificate doing so! This has gone on since the very first Registry was established and continues to today. None of the other cat associations respect their customers, the breeds or the cats involved. Each and every one of them fully support kitten mills and cover up for criminal breeders. They are there for money and nothing else. The cats, their customers and the breeds are just pawns. All of them don’t provide courteous, respectful business like service. Time and time again we have received complaints from their customers of snotty, irreverent, abusive service. If a customer has made a mistake on their Registration Application they will just return it to the customer with no explanation and not in a timely fashion either. I would call that abuse, not service.

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