Quite frankly, I can’t conceive how the other associations put on live, cat shows with all the perpetual fighting and hatred that goes on within their associations. I have personally received reports of exhibitors poisoning a fellow exhibitors cats! Take note of the atmosphere at their live cat shows, the tension among exhibitors, the nasty, snotty responses if you ask a question and the worst…the exhibitors sit closely in front of the judge and watch the judging. The judges know the exhibitors, know their cats and politically judge accordingly. Often the judges have a connection with favorite exhibitors such as leasing cats from them, showing cats for them and breeding arrangements as well. Sure, they will deny this unethical practice, but it is true. This is dishonest and proves their judging is flawed from the get go. Their judges ignore their breed standards and are part of the guilty, who have changed and deformed every cat breed they have touched. Their breed standards can be changed at any time and at any whim, depending upon who is in power at the time. This equals changing entire breeds so that one or two people can get their cats in as champions! Why in the world any one would depend upon any of the other cat associations to preserve a breed is beyond me!

Getting involved with any of the other cat associations is one of the most dangerous things anyone can do. The next deterring fact is the disease that is passed around at their live cat shows. Perhaps they write that cats have to be vaccinated before entering the show hall. All well and good BUT the exhibitors falsify their veterinarian reports, even signing their own vets name to a form. Some exhibitors have it in for another or simply are mean spirited and deliberately bring an ill cat to the show!

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