TCA, INC. is the only Association, where breeding cats from non-documented parentage have to PROVE their purebred heritage through the breeding process. No other cat association has ever done this in their over 100 years of history! They just took cats from their place or country of origin, off of the streets, out of market places, etc. and registered them as ”Purebred” to whatever breed the breeder claimed them to be. Their registries are inundated with mixed breed cats they registered as “Purebreds! What a sham and hilarious at best! TCA, INC. cats are so far above the cats registered in other associations, because our cats go through the acid test of having to breed true to their breed, and all of it is documented in our registry through that proving process. There is great esteem for a cat in TCA, INC., which is far above any in the other associations. Each owner involved with TCA, INC. can’t help but be proud of the purity of their cats.

All of the other cat associations fully support and allow to be shown every kind of deformity, ill health and short lived cats. For instance: the Persian with no nose at all that cannot eat out of a food dish: the Burmese with the same bashed in nose: the Siamese that is nothing but an elongated, pointed nosed, bat eared deformed cat that is nothing what so ever near the REAL Siamese: the Munchkin that is breeding to dwarfism. I can go on breed by breed with definitions of all the bad, deformed breeding practices they use on each breed. The most deformed is their top show winners! What an atrocity!

Another atrocity they do is re-name an already existent breed with a new breed name!! Their most recent example of this is the Turkish Angora. According to tica all Turkish Angoras living on the island of Cyprus (just off of Turkey) are now a “new breed” they re-named the Aphrodite. The Turkish Angora is an ancient and natural breed, which must be respected more than that.

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