There is another factor to the other cat associations. That is the use of the internet by their constituents to attack, defame and slander by using lies. There is so much jealousy, ignorance, stupidity and insanity (YES! INSANITY!) out there. Because I tell the truth, they have tried in vain to damage TCA, INC.’s credibility and failed. Instead it is the people who are doing all the negative lies who have destroyed themselves. Over the years I have watched them die of strokes, heart attacks and cancer, as they destroy themselves from the inside out. Consider taking note of who they are and avoid them. They will do nothing but bad to you as well.

As to the people stating that “TCA, INC. isn’t legitimate.” They focus on (and with great ignorance) only a tiny part of the TCA, INC. Registry. Unlike any of the other cat associations, TCA, INC. allows those breeders who use this tiny part of our Registry (Foundation stock), to PROVE the PURITY of their cats! WOW! This is something none of the other cat associations have ever done! The way to prove purity is through the breeding process, which uses the three step process I created to do so. TCA , INC. has several sections in our Registry (something none of the nay sayers ever acknowledge)! Using breeding as the proof of purity, knowledge tells us that what is within the cat genetically will come out in the resulting kittens. After 3 litters, proving purity to their breed, the parents can be upgraded to the next step in our Registry (Pure Foundation Stock). Then the kittens can move forward in our Registry to the next step. This process is all contained within that tiny part of our Registry. The other section of our Registry (Championship stock) is for cats who have documented lineage. Our Registry Manual is available to customers from the first page of our web site at Just click on the words ON-LINE CAT REGISTRY there.

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