As I have mentioned, I learned what the other cat association are and set a path to oppose everything negative that they are, they do, their method of operation, their abuse to each cat breed, their dishonesty and everything they support. TCA, INC. has no desire to have anything to do with any of the other cat associations. It is an absolute bonus to us and a great benefit to our integrity that they stay away from us. The bottom line is they don’t measure up to our high standards. Our Registry is cleanly run with honesty and integrity attributed to everything we do. Our shows are honest and hold firmly to Judging by Breed Standards, which are never changed, thus preserving these breeds as they were in their beginnings. No political judging is possible. TCA, INC. holds two cat shows annually: One for Purebreds and one for Household Pets. There are no travel expenses, no exposure to disease or stress for the cats which avoids the hatred between exhibitors that exists at live, cat shows elsewhere. Also we use a three Judge system, which avoids favoritism or political “winners” as in other cat shows. In other words our shows are easy on everyone and totally honest. TCA, INC. supports only the original head and body type of each breed, with no deformity and no genetic defects. We are here to preserve each breed. We support health and longevity as well.

TCA, INC. is a worldwide, all breed Cat Association with a full range of services. Above all we are honest and respectful of our customers and the breeds they love and support. TCA, INC. is different in a good way. We are here for the cats and the breeds they come from and to protect them FROM all of the other cat associations, who are out for their own glory, regardless of the impact to the cat’s themselves. Keep in mind, that without TCA, INC. many breeds that were facing certain extinction would in all likelihood not exist anymore. I personally have written over 90 Breed Standards as part of TCA, INC. protection for them.

In summation I hope I have added to your enlightenment of the cat world.

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