Convenience is key and is the reason TCA, INC. created our ON-LINE CAT REGISTRY accessible from the first page of our web site at PayPal is also there for ease of payment.

The speed of service is certainly accelerated with direct access to TCA, INC. Waiting for the Postal Service to deliver your Registration Application is no longer a necessity. Forms for transfer of ownership with the required signatures on the back are still required to be mailed, however.

The Registration Application can’t get lost in the mail, and checks won’t fall out of the envelope. They arrive almost as fast as you can fill them out.

Clarity of registration numbers, names, etc, is made easier to read for the TCA, INC. Co-Head Registrars.

TCA, INC. doesn’t have to follow up with e mails or phone calls to find out whether an “0” is an “8” or to interpret the spelling of your hand writing.

The on-line forms are very easy to fill out, since they are simply fill in the blanks.

The person filling out the forms is shown exactly what information is needed.

So the question might be…So why aren’t you using the online registry process? As someone else once said, “Try it, you’ll like it!”

Available forms include: Cat Registration, Litter Registration, Cattery Registration, Cat Upgrade requests, Membership, Pedigree requests, Cattery Inspection Requests, Classified Ad submissions, Show Entry Forms, and Web Link requests.

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