In keeping with the TCA, INC. Motto TCA,INC. does exclude all extreme types of breeds that have taken the Traditional breeding stock of their respective breed of cats and allowed people to manipulate their breeding programs, standards, and judging practices to support the deformation of those breed. Our description of these breeders is “unethical”. Those practices have resulted in malformed heads, noses, eyes, and hearts to name a few. The negative impact to their immune systems has also been clearly seen through their diminished life spans having been shortened to 3 to 5 years from the normal 15 to 25 years we see from our Traditional Cats. Who in their right mind would be against longer lived cats?

Consider an unethical breeder who knowingly sells malformed or diseased kittens to unsuspecting customers and then knowingly comforts the customer when the cat dies between the ages of 3 to 5 years and will gladly sell that customer another deformed kitten. Another unethical breeders approach is to ignore the grieving customer completely and not refund the purchase price. That is what TCA, INC. considers “unethical”.

The TCA, INC goal is to eliminate these practices from the breeders ranks entirely by never allowing these deformed cats to be deemed acceptable in a breeding program. From the TCA, INC. perspective they are not. There should never be another deformed cat bred for any reason. Those who joined me to create this organization voted to take this stand and so it is written into our By-Laws and Constitution that this be our purpose. There is no room for deviation from this point.

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