Inside the pages of my book ( is a detailed view of what all of the other cat associations are, how they operate and what they have done to every breed they touch. I held no punches and presented the facts as I found them. Most came directly from members of the other associations in the form of quotes. I am well aware of breeders inside all of the other associations, bragging about pedigrees and denigrating TCA, INC. I’ve taken the brunt of it personally. They are a misguided lot.

I did the digging to learn and educate myself as I wrote my book. What I found was appalling and disgusting, all at the same time. I found documented proof of falsifying Registration papers for generations. Just please understand that the first cats of each original and now “recognized breed” came from unknown sources, the streets, the farmers and markets of their country of origin. The Siamese came from Thailand to England with NO pedigrees what so ever. The Persian came from the area of the Persian Empire with NO pedigrees what so ever. I can say the same for the Turkish Angora, the Abby the Maine Coon and on and on. Those original cats were bred and all kinds of colors and shapes came out of those first breedings. They had no proof of any lineage, so they introduced into the first Registries whatever the breeders wanted to declare were of a certain breed. They just wrote down “Persian” (or what ever) and wah-lah the cat was a Persian then and from then on! Goofy and sad all at the same time.

With that said, I can easily say that no piece of paper from any of the other cat associations is any proof the cat it describes as a PUREBRED! And that piece of paper doesn’t make that cat any more or any less a purebred either. It is just a piece of paper. Therefore, all the hub bub about long pedigrees by breeders with any of the other cat associations is a bunch of hooey! Bologna! The selling of paper in an attempt to make their cats appear “better” than ours. It seems to be a cult like brain washing among those breeders, who just don’t know the facts. They accept what the other guy among them says (who ever that is doesn’t matter to them), and the con job is perpetuated. No matter how hard I have tried to educate those breeders, they just attack me, slander me and use all kinds of evil tactics. They haven’t stopped me from telling the truth!

When I created TCA, INC. I knew I had to make a firm stand. The TCA, INC. Registry has three sections. TCA, INC. is the only Association, where breeding cats from non-documented parentage (one of those sections) have to PROVE their purebred heritage through the breeding process. No other association has ever done this in their over 100 years of registry history. TCA,INC. cats are so far above the cats registered in other associations, because our cats go through the acid test of having to breed true to their breed, and all of it is documented in our Registry through that proving process. What is inside the cat genetically will always be revealed. That is what really matters!

If a customer asks me about pedigree, what I just said is my answer to them. There is great esteem for a cat in TCA, INC….far above any in the other associations. Each owner involved with TCA, INC. can’t help but be proud of the purity of their cats.