Bad Breeding Practices

The stupidity of continuing toward more and more long, thin bodies and elongated heads caused the loss of health. Eyes could no longer match the slant eye sockets and cats had third eyelids showing permanently. Under jaws could no longer match well with the head becoming longer and longer, causing over bites to appear. Mouths became so narrow at the end that teeth were missing sooner or later. A Siamese with a complete bite around 8 years of age with all teeth present was no longer the norm. Often the small 6 teeth between the scissor corner teeth (12 in total) were no longer there and molars did not last a life time any more.

The quest for more deformity also lead to body mass loss. Sometimes muscle tone was missing. This meant the breed was prone to lack of calcium resulting to legs more easily breaking. During deliveries the lack of calcium, which could not be supplied any more by the body from the bones, lead to labor trouble and C-sections. Those of us in TCA, INC. recognize this doom scenario. Many breeders of the Extreme Wedge Siamese feel a kind of blind loyalty and dare not break the code in fear of becoming outcasts.

It was the general public who noticed the changes in looks and decline in longevity. They knew from their own experiences that the Original, Old Style, Traditional and Classic Siamese were strong, sturdy, long lived. This “new” weird Siamese was a turn off which lead to the decline in popularity and of breeding activity. Breeders of the Extreme Wedge Siamese deny this and are not willing to accept, share, nor act to solve the present health crisis they are supporting. The decline that began in the 30’s has continued to the present day and will go onward.

I recognized the disaster the Siamese breed was in. I took the initiative to act by creating the Traditional Cat Association, Inc. “To Preserve, Protect, Perpetuate and Promote Traditional Cats.” The work continues with deep love of the breed and dedication for its future.

TCA, INC. is a beacon of hope for the Siamese and all other breeds that have suffered at the hand of poor breeding practices. There is no other organization that has as clear a direction to protect these breeds than TCA, INC.