… that I founded TCA, INC., after I sent two letters to CATS Magazine and a few months later to Cat Fancy. Both were published with my name and address, so a series of cat lovers began contacting me asking if I could mail them a copy of the Breeders List I had started so they could find a Traditional Siamese for themselves. I did all of it at my own personal expense. My letters only stated that I was looking for breeders of the Old Style, Original, Traditional Siamese to purchase one for John & I, so the response was completely unexpected. For two more years I did no advertising at all! To my absolute astonishment one kind person sent along a $1 dollar bill with her request. Quickly I counted up the cost of Xeroxing, postage and an envelope and figured out how many Breeders Lists I could send using that $1.00 bill! I automatically began Treasurer’s records to prove to John that I wasn’t spending a great amount of money at my new hobby. A few more letters later another person sent along a $5 dollar bill! I was estatic and continued to answer requests for my Breeders List. You might say TCA, INC. began with that $1.00 donation and the desire of many people to find their dream cat. I’m proud to say TCA, INC. has always been in the black ever since! More and more letters poured in. Thus began the Members list I have maintained ever since. Immediately I began writing to the breeders who responded and to the people who contacted me for the Breeders List. Those letters grew into the TCA, INC. Newsletter.
Most business models teach: find a need and fill it. Certainly that is what I did. Through voting our Association name, our Motto and our Logo were decided. I incorporated this new Corporation as a Non-Profit and wrote the TCA, INC. Constitution and By-Laws and Registry Rules. Before then I wrote the First and only Breed Standards for the Traditional Siamese and Classic Siamese. Coming from the Arabian Horse World, I knew a considerable amount about Breed Standards and their importance. All the forms, even more Breed Standards, articles, and information about TCA, INC. were written by me. To date I have written more than 80 Breed Standards as TCA, INC. grew to an all breed Association. The work was labor intensive and at times grewling, because I had to get each Breed Standard exactly right.