A bit of research revealed to me that the Old Style, Original, Traditional and Classic types of each breed were near extinction due to ignorant persecution by all of the other cat associations world wide. “I will not be a common man. I will stir the smooth sands of monotony.” stated Peter O’Toole star of Lawrence of Arabia. Based upon the principles of good health, longevity, no deformity and a loving people centered personality, all the breeds are on their way back to reasonable numbers once again due solely on the efforts of TCA,INC. We aren’t there yet! They are still rather rare and demand is great. The general public, as our customers, have told us what they prefer and we have responded in kind. I listened to them and created TCA , INC. for today, tomorrow, 100 years from now and beyond.
Quickly this journey turned into a community of dedicated people, connected together with a sense of belonging. All of us, as one unit, are involved in this movement. Yes! TCA,INC. is a movement and a culture! Our identity and solidarity of purpose is known worldwide now due to our advertising in several magazines and on the web. Our web site bridges any distance and is building bonds as we teach and touch lives, both human and feline. We are impacting the cat world in giant ways. Membership is peaceful, positive, educational and focused on the breeds and those who love them. TCA, INC. breeders are pampered, protected, fully supported and informed, which is, from the mouths of several new breeders to our roles, the opposite of treatment elsewhere! Our Association is honest, friendly, helpful, and professional in our approach and operation. High confidence in TCA, INC. has created iconic loyalty and devotion, that doesn’t waver from our cause. Nowhere else in the cat world do these good things exist so pervasively. TCA, INC. is the breath of fresh air. Our level of integrity has been demonstrated as higher than others have attempted to attain.
“Every good product I’ve ever seen is because a group of people cared deeply about making something wonderful that they and their friends wanted. They wanted to use it themselves.” Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple Computers.
One thing about TCA, INC. is that we have always been a place where people can find breeders who are far and above others floating around out there, and that becomes a valuable commodity for customers looking for the honest and ethical breeders to purchase from. If I may say so, TCA, INC. is a cut above and that is something to be very happy about. There is great pride in belonging!
The mundane toil of cleaning litter boxes, sweeping floors and keeping living quarters clean, in every respect goes on in day-to-day routine. Still, those chores are the building block for the future as each member works toward the common goal. Though each one may be working in private, it is the diversity of thought, philosophy and effort that is a sign of strength and vigor in TCA , INC. the desire to protect these breeds and care for them in the very best way possible strikes a cord in our humanity that calls forth positive emotions and responses. Your efforts and contributions compliment TCA, INC., creating a richly textured movement.
We uphold our legacy and continue to define ourselves with honesty and integrity, while taking a stand against the extermination of the Traditional and Classic Cats! We are their shining bastion!