Over time I have found nasty people on the internet attempting to lie about who created TCA, INC. The answer is me, Diana Fineran. I founded TCA, INC. back in March of 1987 and quietly developed a Breeders List, a Membership List, a Newsletter, The Constitution and Bylaws, Registry and Show Rules, Breed Names, Breed Standards, and all documents an forms I needed to run a cat association. For two and one half years, I did not advertise at all. All of this effort I did alone, resting solidly on my considerable business knowledge and leadership skills, consistent with what has been demonstrated since then.
It was fun, enjoyable and greatly rewarding. The whole story is written in my book found here: http://www.book.traditionalcats.com.
The following referenced person became a member around 1989.
What follows is a statement that I am providing as proof that I founded and created TCA, INC. I have many more.
In my possession are all the original letters from members, Treasure reports, first newsletters, first registrations, documents of incorporation, Federal Copyrights, Federal Trademarks, etc, to the present day.
Because of my dedicated efforts and knowledge, TCA, INC. is a safe, solid and honest organization.