All of the breeders in all of the other cat association’s have never had the capability to grasp this basic rule of breeding. Their short cut is to change Breed Standards over and over again, until the original body type, mental state and health is devoured by their stupidity, an evil approach to breeding, and lack of respect for the breeds.

OH! Sure! The breeders in all of the other cat associations write hate, half truths, twisted lies and psychotic filth against those who oppose their ignorance. Such writings are a testimony and self admittance to their incompetence. There are chat rooms full of them! The dumb leading the dumber! It takes dirty, degenerate vermin to read and believe dirty, degenerate vermin! My advice, if you run across such a place: RUN! Delete their emails, send them to your spam file. GET AWAY from such poisonous people as fast as you can or you could be their next target.

I have often wondered why cats with such a loving, giving, comforting, fun loving, funny, dedicated personality and gifted with the ability to purr can entice such horrible, evil people onto themselves. They are so innocent yet so vulnerable to damaging attacks. If left on their own, their future would remain the same as God invented it to be. Human beings have not been kind to all of the cat breeds.

This knowledge is what drove me to write over 100 Breed Standards, representing the ORIGINAL, OLD STYLE, TRADITIONAL and CLASSIC type of each breed. This will form the foundation to preserve what is left of them. NONE of these Breed Standards will ever be changed, according to the rules I wrote. Therefore the breeds themselves are protected and preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Joyfully I can say that The Traditional Cat Association, Inc. is the ONLY association where every breed of cat finds a safe haven. TCA, INC. standS firm on that proclamation. TCA, INC. is thriving!