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The Movie: “Concussion” Part 1

We recently watched the movie “Concussion” starring Will Smith, who plays the part of a highly educated medical doctor in Pittsburgh, PA. It is a true story about the Doctor who discovered that football players were suffering from traumatic brain injuries due to how they were playing the game. Once his report came out in a medical journal the footfall leagues made major attempts to debunk his scientifically sound findings. The league went so far as to send Federal Agents to fire him and his boss! The League manager out right lied to the press, to the public and to the players stating that these findings were not true. As the years progressed more and more proof came out until finally the football league manager rescinded his former lie in much disgrace! As a result, the football players launched a large law suit against the league. AS you may already know, there was a very large settlement.
As this story unfolded we were struck by the similarities between what happened to the medical doctor and myself. The strategy of the guilty is to attack and malign the truth sayer. Or as it has been put so eloquently – “Kill the Messenger”.

Once I discovered what all of the other cat associations had done to the Siamese breed, I created the Traditional Cat Association, Inc. (TCA, INC.) to oppose their perpetual damage done to every breed they touched. Soon TCA, INC. began supporting all breeds. My purpose is to bring back the Traditional, Classic, Original and Old-Style of every breed of cat, thus preserving them in good numbers for future generations to enjoy. My effort has been a magnificent success.

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