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The Movie: “Concussion” Part 2

Through 11 years of research, I dug deep into the historical records and found the truth about the changes to the breeds, who was responsible and what cat associations were involved. Details are given about the Siamese place of origin, how the colors came to be and the very first breeders who were involved with them, as well as interesting information about individual cats too. This information is presented in detail in my book “The Traditional Siamese and the Classic Siamese Cat, A Complete History of the Breed”. It is available in hard copy and electronically from the first page of our web site at It was obvious to me that the masses of people involved in the cat world had no idea what they are supporting. Therefore, I wrote my book for educating the general public in a pleasant and well written way.
The result? Yes! I was and still am being attacked and lied about in an attempt to malign the truth sayer. History cannot be rewritten. It is real. It is there. It happened. It cannot be denied! I have received death threats, hate mail, false accusations, and on and on. Every imaginable lie has been published on the internet by demented, insane vermin, who have never had any contact with me or know me or TCA, INC. at all.

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