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The Movie: “Concussion” Part 3

My advice to those who run across any presentation that doesn’t provide the slanderers and defamers email address and name and tells the reader to hate someone you don’t know or to hate someone in another state, or to perpetuate hate, slander and defamation against anyone else—hit delete and move on to intelligent, positive reading. Reading, or worse yet, believing the vomit of dirty, degenerate, sewer dwellers is detrimental to your mind and soul. None of it helps any breed of cat!
What I have found is the type of person who engages in evil activities has no respect for themselves or for any cat or cat breed. Useless, slithering, filth on the outer edges of society are a plague upon themselves and an embarrassment to the cat associations they belong to.
Like the Medical Doctor, who Will Smith so aptly played, I am not effected by any lies or dirty writing about myself. This is very much to the disappointment of those who attempt to injure me. My hard core grit has foiled every outcome they hoped for. Surely all of us with TCA, INC. are doing the right thing, with honesty, integrity, and resourcefulness.

To end on a pleasant and positive note, I must say I am proud of my accomplishments, of TCA, INC. and all the success surrounding what I have fought so hard to maintain. Thousands of happy and satisfied customers have sung our praises and sent many, many compliments. All cat breeds have a safe and secure place to be protected. That is the real reward.

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