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Communication is one of the many miracles of language. We often take for granted the power it has to forge connections and immerse us in lives of shared meaning and understanding. We often fail to appreciate that something so common and familiar as words in a book, messages on line or the sound of a voice can be so extraordinary and transformative.

India has 22 officially recognized languages. This makes an amazing array of scripts, sounds and styles of speaking that make one realize what a wild, uncontrollable abundance there is in people’s ability to create language. And it is such a deep, universal human need to be understood, to connect, to share our stories and ideas and to pass on hard-won truths.

In recent years, I fear that we have forgotten the gifts inherent in language. Especially on the internet people use words as tools to salt wounds and to diminish others, rather than leaning on them to bridge gaps. As we go forward, let’s strive to remember the power that language has to give others access to our thoughts and feelings, to transform words into a unique message, and to show us our capacity to create and appreciate abundance. It can allow us to grow better and stronger together. Let’s use it in this positive way.

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