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“I am looking to have my cats registered with TCA, INC.  My original cats were once tica registered. I didn’t continue to register my cats with tica because they continuously changed the Standard and are now changing it again – CRAZY!  So I went solo because I just wanted to breed my chosen breed of cat. I still have lots of the original papers laying around somewhere, on most of my original cats.”

“When trying to re-register my cats and bring in the new cats, tica said they accept all of them for registration.  I almost began registering my cats and bringing back my own pedigrees.  However, I do not want to breed to the standard they’re promoting now.  So I refuse to register with them. I want to breed to the original, traditional look of my cats.  So tica is not the place for me. I refuse to breed the skinny, worried-looking standard that they came up with.  I want the original, stocky- heavy boned, wild/flat-eyed look that the FIRST Standard bred towards.”

“Registering my cats with TCA, INC. will open the door of being able to promote my cats, breed to the original type, be a part of an Association, and promote my breed.”

“I actually researched you folks heavily. I remember in the early 2000’s seeing TCA, INC. in several cat magazine advertisements and your registration organization literally SAVED and SALVAGED the original Siamese, which is a breed that I love.  The original Siamese is the pinnacle of the feline fancy and is one of a handful of the most infamous breeds, and is actually as well-known and original as the doll-faced Persian.  I truly enjoy those two traditional and original looks. And I am so thankful you have saved both breeds. TCA, INC. is actually the reason why the original breeds haven’t gone extinct.  So for that, I thank you.”

“And I love how cheap your registry is…and I am not saying that in a bad way!  It is super affordable and I appreciate that because I have several cats to register.”

“Of course you can publish parts of my review, because everything I posted was and is fact!  Anyone that ordered cat magazines back in the 90’s and 00’s knows point-blank that the revival and saving of the Traditional Siamese and Traditional Persian had to do with TCA, INC.  All of the Traditional/Applehead Siamese advertisements had TCA, INC. listed as their preferred registration. Associations like tica boggle my mind, because they allow breeders to change to whatever they prefer.  There’s nothing wrong with the ‘anorexic’ style Siamese…but it is NOT A SIAMESE and should be listed as a new/separate breed.  I guess tica is sipping the kool-aid because they now call the original Siamese a “thai”.”

“I am very happy to soon be a part of TCA, INC. The tica breeders have attacked me swiftly for the decision not to register with their group.  Oh!  Well! They are not the only association.  They are delusional.” RK.

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