Finding a cat …

…to add to your family is not always an easy task to accomplish. The right age, breed, color and temperament is important. After you have identified and figured out what traits you are looking for, take some time to look at where you might find it.

We recommend starting with the Classifieds after you have identified that special breed and other important traits. If that is not a success, we recommend that you start with breeders that are close to you, and then move further away as necessary.

Discuss what you want and need in your new cat with the breeder, and make sure you feel good about your decision. Ask your vet for suggestions, and issues that might help you decide.

Classified Ads 

Some of our breeders offer classified ads to help you find what you are looking for. Check them out first as they reflect the most timely availability of new litters.

Cat Breeders

We maintain a list of over 150 breeders of cats of all the breeds that we support. Many have waiting lists, and also take deposits. Many of our breeds are more rare than one might think, so start planning early, and expect some amount of waiting. Contact a couple of breeders with your questions, and make sure you feel comfortable with them.

Breeds of Cats

For those who are not sure of the exact breed of cat they are wanting, take a look at our breed information. Some breeds are similar to others, or may be more available at a point in time. So look into several different breeds and see how their differences may enhance your enjoyment of your new friends.

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