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“I have only just become aware of the cat associations pushing the modern variant, tica going as far as reclassifying Classic as Thai in an effort to appropriate the name Siamese and lumping in Colorpoints with them to further discredit/associate the oldest, truest to original variety allowing only their perverse “Modern” show-cat mutants. I’ve read your website and I’m sorry you had to go through all that.  I have a cat who’s  grandmother was a papered Classic from a breeder but who that was and who they registered with is unknown.  All documentation was lost years ago.  The U.C. Davis labs don’t have any accurate or reliable enough test to be of any help. My wife and I have had many cats including Burmese and Mains Coons as well as Siamese. I have been blown away by the 3 generations that I’ve known.  Grandma Ta-Tat died years ago.  Mom Tink-Tink stayed with us for a long time until she was, I think 10 years old.  We spayed her after the litter my cat came from and rehomed her.  I believe she went to friends or family, but I don’t recall. She and Ta-Tat II, aka Brrown, her kitten, have been like children to me, not like pets, on an entirely other level than any other. After the last week of research I can understand and appreciate why you want to preserve the bloodline and feel like you might be the only one in the cat community who would agree to support that.“ An upset owner. 

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